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Zoomer Dog is made by the ‘Spin Master’ toy company. It is a highly interactive toy which responds to an array of commands and movements. There are approximately 60 responses programmed within this toy. The wide range of movements that this toy is capable of, is unbelievable. Zoomer is an interactive electronic dalmatian puppy. It can bark, move around and learn various tricks. It is incredibly agile and can move faster than any other robotic toy out there. This dog provides a glimpse into the potential fast paced interactions with robotic pets. Spin Master Zoomer is considered to be one of the best robotic puppy dogs for 2013. This toy is an ideal family pet and companion for your kids since it behaves and sounds like a real dog. It is ideal for kids aged 5 years and above.

Features Of The Zoomer Dog Robotic Toy!

Zoomer has an Android and iOS app which teaches kids innovative ways to train their pet. An impressive feature that many parents like, is that the Zoomer comes with a USB cable and rechargeable battery for charging. Thus, you do not have to worry about purchasing new batteries all the time. Your kids, especially the older ones, will easily manage to recharge their dog pet themselves. One of the highlight features is the small ball that comes with this robotic dog. Zoomer will play with it and chase it around for you. He likes to sniff things and move around like a real puppy. It can even go to sleep. The eyes will light up and show expressions. It can wag its tail too. It has sensors that can detect touch and track the surrounding environment.

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Benefits Of Owning The Zoomer Dog Toy!

This dog is totally worth the price since it mimics the real furry thing. It is capable of becoming your kid’s best friend. It will become the perfect home companion for your kids when you are busy with other work. You simply turn on the switch and your little ones can start playing with their Dalmatian dog toy. It does not create any mess compared to a real dog that needs a lot of care and maintenance. It does not need food, exercise, bath, vitamins or vet care. It will not gnaw into your things or leave hair on your carpet.

Zoomer is hypoallergenic and will not trigger asthma or cause any allergic reactions. Thus, maintaining this dog toy is really easy and inexpensive. Just like a real puppy, you will need to teach this dog everything he needs to know. You can call out his name and teach him lots of tricks. Reward him with a belly scratch and you will see how happy he gets. He will even follow the movements with his adorable puppy eyes.


Zoomer is a smart multilingual puppy toy. It understands 3 languages: English, Spanish and French. It has an interesting and innovative design along with an engaging personality. The voice control is impressive and it understands a number of commands fed in its memory. He will learn several tricks like rolling over and playing dead. He has a multitude of motions and can also balance himself on three legs. He will follow his owner and go for a walk. The toy has excellent sensors and are very helpful at guiding this robot. The reactions are swift enough to follow animated objects actively and with great ease.


At times, Zoomer tends to slow down its rapid wandering pace to wag its tail, lay down or just fall asleep. Although it can easily keep pace with the normal walking speed used by humans at home, a slightly bigger size would have enabled this robot to walk at a faster pace for brisk walks outside. Also, it does not always respond in the same way to a command. In other words, it almost always displays a varied response.

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Zoomer dog is available for pre-order on Amazon. This robotic dog is playful, funny and will instantly win your heart. This year truly seems like a huge year for the Zoomer dog robotic pet. It is predicted to be the most popular toy over Christmas and is likely to be sold out real soon. You must order early to avoid disappointment. Order now and avail of various discounts and several other deals on Amazon!

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