Buy Zoomer Dog As A Christmas Present Before He Goes To Another Home

If, like many parents, you have had the firm but fair conversation that your child cannot have the real live puppy they desire this Christmas, there is a good chance that some kids may be won around by the idea of owning the Zoomer robotic dog as a way of seeing if they are really ready for dog ownership.

Zoomer is the robotic pup that will melt kids’ hearts this Christmas.

The idea of purchasing a robotic dog as a clean, educational substitute for a real puppy may be incentive enough for you to buy Zoomer Dog for your kids but there are plenty of features to take note of that show just how advantageous he really is. Essentially, Zoomer is a robotic Dalmatian that has the intellect to learn a variety of tricks from shaking paw to rolling over – while also understanding them in three different languages – and the aim is to help him learn this repertoire over time and show him affection by stroking his belly. Zoomer’s personality is so strong that he can easily express his love for his new master – through lit-up eyes, barking and a wagging tail – but he may not stand to attention and perform first time; the challenges with this toy are his tendencies towards forgetfulness and rebellion and the amount of patience required to really train him. Additional features of worth are the fact that he is rechargeable and the use of an Android and iOS app to aid training.

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As you can see, buying Zoomer is a great alternative to buying a real puppy because not only does this little pup offer a great experience with none of the frustration and mess of a pre-trained canine, he is also much more affordable. With a real dalmatian the initial costs can be astronomical on their own but there are also all the toys, bedding and vets bills to think about; with Zoomer, one payment is all you need. The list price for this clever robotic dog is understandably high at $99.99 but if you are still keen to pick one up then it is worth heading over to the ever-trustworthy, where they are offering a nice little 7% discount to help out parents who are feeling the strain as their kids suddenly remember that Christmas is on the way.

Reminders of the looming holiday period may not be all that welcome right now but it is important to note that the season is fast approaching and great deals on toys may not last as retailers hike up the prices to meet demand. It is advisable to buy Zoomer Dog from Amazon as soon as possible to avoid any nasty surprises at the checkout or find that he is out of stock; the prettiest, most loveable puppies are always the first to be snapped up and this sure to be true of someone as cute and smart as Zoomer. Great discounts will not last, even the Amazon one has decreased in recent weeks, so act now while you still have a chance to give your child a robotic puppy this Christmas.

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