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Thinking about owning a dog? Don’t know whether or not you are up for the task? As such owning a dog is kind of a lot of work and a lot of patience is required, thus one can always try to get some experience about the do’s and don’t of petting the dog or any other animal for that matter.

To tackle with such phenomena and provide a first-hand experience about how it’s like to pet a dog, and how your kids will react to them? Thus, a toy-making brand named Yeezee has taken things into their hands and made a Yeezee Electronic Pet for kids.

Yeezee remote control robot pet for kids
is one of the most unique and innovative way to introduce the presence of an animal and teach them how humans and animals can live with each other in harmony.

Being a remote control robot dog by Yeezee, you can control the actions of the dog and make them react as per your preference, just like training the real dog. That being said, if you are excited and want to buy the product, then you can buy Yeezee Wireless robot dog online.

Let us now discuss about this robotic dog and understand its key features, as such there are many Yeezee Wireless Robot Puppy Reviews which will always make you confused and you will not be able to make out from the Yeezee electronic pet dog reviews that whether or not they are worthy for the buy.

That being said, let us now dive into the relevant information about the product and you can decide, does this product satisfies your need or not.

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Yeezee Electronic Pet for kids:

Yeezee remote control robot pet for kids is definitely the best option for the kids as such, the kids love to hang around with the pet animals and what safer than a live pet dog whose action you can not control? The answer to that would be to own a robotic dog and control all the steps and activities as per your convenience. 

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These robotic dogs are best suited for the 2 or 2+-year-old sons or daughters who love to be around the pet animals. The Yeezee Electronic Pet for kids charges itself with the help of a USB charging port, and no need to store the cable somewhere else as such the cable wire is looped inside the belly of the dog. Due to this, no additional battery is required.

In order to switch ON and OFF the robotic dog, the buttons are attached to his nose and it can be easel controlled with the help of two buttons on the center of the head.

The remote-controlled dog is capable of moving its two ears, 4 paws, tails, eyes and head turns in either direction. Apart from these, you can also feed the bone to the dog and as a result, the dog will provide a suitable expression for the treat.

The little robot dog can talk, bark, walk, and sing musical melodies making it a great toy for an interactive experience. Touch the nose of the puppy and it will walk around you and sing.

In order to play the songs, push the right button on the top of the head and the dog will play different songs, a gymnastics mode is also installed in its programming as such it would roll around with its big ears popped out and mimics each and every activity possible.

Some of its interactive modes are:

  • Shake puppy:
    When you shake the puppy vertically and horizontally rigorously, it will ask you not to shake him hard by saying, “Don’t shake, I am dizzy”
  • Tail:
    If you grab the puppy tail hardly then the dog will ask you softly, “Do you like my tail much”
  • Fall down:
    If in case the dog falls down then it will say, “ I fall down, please help me”
  • Bone:
    Put the bone in front of him, the toy will simply attach itself to it and will carry it around all day long
  • Interactive mode
  • Value for money
  • Remote control
  • Battery backup is low, ½ hour of charge provides only 10/20 minutes of playtime
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Key features:

  • The dimension of the product is 26 x 15 x 17 cm
  • A USB charger on the puppy’s belly
  • Interactive mode, touch or grab the tail, or shake the dog, give bone, or if it falls down. Each and every action has its own reaction.
  • Face emoji such as different eyes lighting, blink, eye-rolling in dizziness and many others are in its sleeve
  • Rechargeable with the USB charger on the belly of the pup.


There are many Yeezee Robotic Dog Toy Reviews in 2020, due to the lockdown thus the review section is filled with mixed reviews. So if you are planning to buy this remote control dog then we sincerely hope that this article helps you in making up your mind.

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