Zoomer Dog Features and Benefits

The Zoomer Dog is one of the most wonderful toys for children, as it is specifically designed to be interactive and resemble a real pet. The fun toy is built in with sensors that make him react to commands and even understand up to three languages, English, French and Spanish. He barks, rolls over, responds to your commands and plays all day long. Would you like to adopt Zoomer and bring his joy and playfulness into your child’s life?
Read on to find out about Zoomer Dog Features, and the benefits and fun this amazing toy will bring to your household. Last but not least, we will introduce you to some awesome bargains online to buy Zoomer today.

Zoomer Dog Features and Benefits

Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy - Spot

Interactive Learning
Just like a real dog, Zoomer learns on the go. As you play with Zoomer, he will learn more tricks and respond to instructions. This is what makes Zoomer such an amazing toy, as the child can experience the beauty of what is like to have a real pet.

Built in Sensors
Zoomer has built in sensors on his chest, so he can react like a real puppy when you scratch his belly. The sensors also help Zoomer track objects and improve the interactive experience during play time.

Moving Tail
Just like adorable puppies show their excitement by wagging their tail, Zoomer does to. This is one of the cutest Zoomer Dog features that makes you feel like you have a real dog at home, bubbly and full of joy.

Adorable LED Eyes
Zoomer resembles a real puppy, with his adorable and interactive LED eyes. His beautiful LED eyes can blink and track objects.

Rotational Body
The rotational body is a favourite among the Zoomer Dog features, as it allows you to play with your toy just as if he was a real dog. The rotational core enables Zoomer to roll over, sit, and do all other sorts of adorable tricks that real puppies do. This is especially a great feature when your child plays with Zoomer and scratches his belly.

USB Charger
Zoomer can be re-energized via USB, so that nothing ruins your play experience or makes you feel like Zoomer is not real. You can charge Zoomer on the go, and always keep him full of joy and energy.

Cheat Button
If you want to skip ahead a few steps, Zoomer has a cheeky cheat button feature that will allow you to take a sneak peak at his tricks. This is especially great for parents that want to know in advance how much fun their children can have with Zoomer.

Voice Command Recognition
One of the awesome Zoomer Dog features is the voice command recognition, so that your pet can actually respond to you and play. Imagine how much children are going to enjoy speaking to Zoomer and teaching him fun tricks! Just like a real dog, Zoomer may not always listen to your commands, making it even a more fun and playful experience.

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Do you want to adopt Zoomer as your real best friend?

If your children have been desiring a pet but you are unable to adopt one, why not pick Zoomer? He is fun, joyful and full of tricks. He doesn’t make any mess and he is definitely the easiest pet to maintain. However, you are not compromising on fun, as your children are absolutely going to love having Zoomer as their new real best friend.

Here are some great bargains that you can get online, so you can buy now and get even closer to bringing a bundle of joy and fun into your child’s life.

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Zoomer Dog Bargains

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Do you want Zoomer to be even more playful in a bright purple design? Are you buying Zoomer for your baby girl and want her to fall in love with her pet? Spin Master is selling Zoomer Purple.

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Want to make Zoomer even more fun for your beautiful children? Buy Zoomer Dalmatian with Hoodie from Zoom Pets.


Hopefully this made you fall in love with Zoomer, because he is a real best friend and an amazing play buddy for your children. Choose Zoomer Dalmatian, Zoomer Purple or Zoomer Dalmation with a Hoodie, and surprise your child today with one of the best experiences of their childhood. Remember, apart from the amazing Zoomer Dog Features, the robotic dog is affordable, fun and super easy to maintain!

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